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Doppled in Gray- WIP

They were all painstakingly similar and yet so painfully different...

Daze had never thought there was anything odd about her life. Living in a world where people were born by being pixelated in and died by being pixelated out; waking up and finding you were missing a limb, finding a new tattoo. This had always been normal to her.

But following Daze's lover's death, a scientist by the name of Doctor Teng pixelates into her city and tells all the inhabitants the truth: they are clones and are being sent to work for their originals. In a novel about adventure, love, betrayal and fate follow Daze as she she strives to cope with the fact that her and her people will always be the same.

(Part of the Watty Awards 2011)
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Seen- WIP

Shay was the girl everyone wanted to be. That was, until she turned invisible. 

Shay, the once prom queen shoo-in, now walks like a ghost among the streets of Monterey County wishing she really was dead. Being able to steal anything you want, save for the the people that are constantly following her, being isn't invisible isn't that bad. At least, until she meets Jenner. 

Smart, cute and funny, besides being able to read your mind, Jenner is everything a girl could want. But then he introduces her camp Norma L.

A place hidden as part of Monterey's small-town underground, camp Norma L is the perfect place for any freak who wants to hang their hat when they're on the run and need a place to stay. Shay is soon thrown into a world of garbage trolls, club faeries and inanimate objects that just wont seem to shut up. This invisible girl is finding out that maybe being seen isn't as good as it seems.