What time is it? IT'S INSPIRATION TIME!!!

It is that time again. yes the time when I tell you what things have inspired me this week. I"m tring my best to finish chapter nine of Doppled in Gray. I only have one scene left and then I'm done but this is what has inspired me this week!

#1: Avan Jogia
Avan is the closest actor to who I think of when I see Haran. Though I wouldn't mind Taylor Lautner playing him either ;)

#2 A tree monster.

It's best just not to ask how this monster pic has inspired me.

#3 Another monster
 This one actually pertains to the actual novel(unlike giant tree monster above)

#4 Somewhere Only We Know by Keane
Ive been listening to this song on repeat ever since I heard it in the Winnie the Pooh trailer(in theaters July 15th lol). I have no idea why it affects me so much but it just does. But it inspired me for a new scene in Doppled in Gray that involves Amber and something that happens in chapter nine(that's all I can say). I'm actually listening to this as a write, funnily enough.

#5 Logan Lerman
I had to do a lot of contemplation about this and I was about change it but yes I believe that Logan Lerman is a good choice for Pher. He would ust have to fix his hair.

#6 The Scientist by Coldplay covered by Natasha Bedingfield.
This, again, is a song that I loved listening to this week. I really want to do it for a dance solo. I LOVE HER VOICE. Just had to say that. It also pertains to a huge part of Doppled in Gray that also has to do with Amber. If your itching to know how look at this line, "Questions of science, Science and Progress, Do not speak As loud as my heart."

I know that six is a weird place to stop but that is all that inspired me this week guys. Stay Inspired! :)

Music is beautiful.

I have always wished that I could be in a band. I mean, the raving crowds, the being able to make music with your friends, all the free stuff. It always seemed just too cool for me. Sadly enough, I haven't tried to learn guitar or bass, only cello. On top of that, I may be able to hold a tune but I can't actually sing.

 Music speaks to people in ways that words sometimes cannot. Musicians can get their opinions out almost viral-ly; I'm sometimes jealous beyond words. Here are my top three favorite(and most respected) musicians:

#3 My Chemical Romance

The band was started in 2001 by Gerard Way(frontman) and Matt Pelissier(ex-drummer) about one week after the 9/11 attacks. Seeing those planes crash into the World Trade Center affected Way's life so much that he felt he needed to start a band. The song Skylines and Turnstiles was written about 9/11 and a short time later Ray Toro was invited into the band because Gerard couldn't play guitar and sing at the same time. Mikey Way(Gerard's Brother) coined the band's name after seeing a book by Irvine Welsh called Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance.
Three studio albums later band members Frank Iero, Ray Toro, Gerard Way and Mikey Way are still Going strong with their new album: Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.
Okay, they may not be the most life altering band in the universe but I had to put them. I have listened to everyone of their songs and almost stalk them everyday on Facebook. I am a Killjoy.

#2 The Beatles
If I didn't put this I wouldn't be allowed to be called a music listener.
The Beatles, an English rock band that formed in 1960 were truly the most groundbreaking musicians of their time. When someone thinks of who changed music the most in the last century in America the answer is easy, The Beatles. The Beatles supported women's rights, gay rights and environmentalism. I respect them in every way but yes there is a reason that the Beatles isn't number one. The Beatles were groundbreaking and supported all these things in their time. But this is our time.

#1 Lady Gaga
I know there might be an uproar when you see this but yes, I truly think that this is the top musician of today. Lady Gaga supports LGBT rights, helped with things like Haiti and Japan, fights against HIV/AIDS and speaks out against Arizona's immigration laws. The Beatles may have been the best of their time but Lady Gaga is now. She is helping our generation(for the better, in my opinion). Put your paws up monsters!


Okay, I've decided to do a weekly inspiration post were I put pictures music or other things that inspired me that week. So here is Inspiration, week 1!

#1: Waiting for the End by Linkin Park.

#2: From DeviantArt

This reminds me so much of Zi, it isn't even funny!
#4: From the movie Tron Legacy.
I'm aware that Loe is a very small character but this picture just fits lol.

#5: Kings and Queens by 30 Second to Mars.

I love how she's levitating! :)

#7: Batmobile from the Dark Knight.
My inspiration for Haran's Beam-R is the batmobile!(except Haran's doesn't have wheels)

#8: Supperclub in San Francisco, California.
I wonder if you can guess what was inspired by this. I mean, beds in a public place? ;) 

#9: Cerberus from Kingdom Hearts video game.
This is coming up in chapter 9. That's all I will say for now.

#10: Alex Pettyfer
The person I would love to play Amber if there was a movie!!!

Doppled in Gray has been so fun to write and inspiration is coming from everywhere! 
To read Doppled in Gray go here!

*Star Wars music plays in background* SCIFI ROCKS!

Most people don't realize how much I love Star Wars. It is my favorite series of movies of all time. Period. I want to name the first boy I have Anakin. I'm a hardcore fan. It's my SciFi muse! But as I was writing(Doppled in Gray) today I realized how star wars and all other sci-fi movies/ tv shows/ books/ etc. effected the world we live in today. Here are some examples:

*Cell Phones
Yep, it's true. The gadget that we(well at least I) use the most today all started with a scifi idea. To be more specific, Star Trek's idea. Martin Cooper, inventor of the cell phone admits that the cellphone that he created was influenced by the communicator on Star Trek. And forty years later we have something even better. Iphones!

*Second Life
Second life, a virtual world developed by Linden labs, has also been fueled from the SciFi nation. Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson was about a virtual-reality on the internet might be. He also is one of the people that made the word "avatar" popular. Philip Rosendale, creator of Second Life said that his creation of Second Life was before the book but it did help fuel his ideas and make them become a reality.

One of my favorite inventions inspired by SciFi is probably the touchscreen. It first appeared in "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" in the form of the guide. It appeared again in Star Trek: The Next Generation. And now it is in the forms of Iphones, Ipads, Ipods, computers and more!

SciFi doesn't always predict the future. I mean, I haven't gotten my complimentary hoverboard from the government yet and I found out that a holodeck would be our apocalyptic end(that's the biggest bummer ever). But keep dreaming SciFi creators and maybe, just maybe, one of your mind babies will become a reality.
May the force be with you while you live long and prosper!

Boys Boys Boys!


I've been thinking about writing in a male's perspective. I may be the only one but it just fascinates me when a girl writer really captures a male main character. Especially if it's in first person.
So here are some things I learned today when trying to figure out how to capture the males perspective in a novel.

-Suggestions I saw a lot were interview a guy. Try to figure out his like, dislikes, how he acts around his friends(all the different groups of them), what makes him nervous and more.

-A males brain is more linear. The emotions don't clash as much so usually(there is an exception to every rule though) they are more logical when it comes to relationship problems.

-Make sure to include their background in the story and how you think it would effect them. For example a guy that went to military school would be more stoic than one that went to a public school.

-When telling the difference between male and female speech mannerisms are most important. Guys talk very differently from girls. Listen into conversations, see how guys talk to guys, how they talk to girls, how they talk to their parents, their spouse.

-Don't forget! When writing in a males perspective don't try to make the character super manly all the time. Every guy is different, just like how every girl is different. Male authors don't perceive women as people who always want to talk about their feelings and what outfit they want to buy at (insert cute clothes store here). So remember, they're humans before men.

I want to edit....

I've recently had a very large urge to edit but I haven't had the time, patience or energy to do it. Its been so frustrating(especially because of my need to get back into the world of Subverse). So I've decided to make a list of the best tips for editing your novel.

#1 Wait for at least a month to start editing.
When I first ended my novel I was so engulfed in the story still that I wanted to get involved in editing right away. But as soon as I started at the first chapter I knew I wasn't going as deep as I should into reading so I could edit well. I still remembered half the lines I had written! So learn from my example and set it aside for awhile, take a break, read a book ;)

#2 NEVER line edit first. You might as well break the first rule if you do.
I personally suggest printing out you story fully and reading it through once. If you absolutely have to(because you think you will die if you don't) you can do a little bit of grammar editing and such but what you want to focus on is plot holes, things you forgot, scenes you want to add/take away, character inconsitencies etc.

#3 Become a temporary grammar Nazi.
Get all the books on proper grammar you can, practice your hardest editing skills. Leave no gramatical error untouched. Be the most ruthless critic of them all.

#4 There's no such thing as a good writer when it comes to novels, just a good re-writer. 
I can guarantee that not all of your novel will be absolutely perfect the first time around. Sometimes(like in my case) very far from it. Whenever you have a scene that you aren't totally feeling re-write it and see if you like the re-written version better. A lot of the times you'll end up combining the best parts :)

#5 Get a Beta
When you feel like you have done everything possible for your novel get another pair of eyes to look at it. New eyes always catch inconsistencies that sometimes the writer doesn't.

Have fun editing :)