Boys Boys Boys!


I've been thinking about writing in a male's perspective. I may be the only one but it just fascinates me when a girl writer really captures a male main character. Especially if it's in first person.
So here are some things I learned today when trying to figure out how to capture the males perspective in a novel.

-Suggestions I saw a lot were interview a guy. Try to figure out his like, dislikes, how he acts around his friends(all the different groups of them), what makes him nervous and more.

-A males brain is more linear. The emotions don't clash as much so usually(there is an exception to every rule though) they are more logical when it comes to relationship problems.

-Make sure to include their background in the story and how you think it would effect them. For example a guy that went to military school would be more stoic than one that went to a public school.

-When telling the difference between male and female speech mannerisms are most important. Guys talk very differently from girls. Listen into conversations, see how guys talk to guys, how they talk to girls, how they talk to their parents, their spouse.

-Don't forget! When writing in a males perspective don't try to make the character super manly all the time. Every guy is different, just like how every girl is different. Male authors don't perceive women as people who always want to talk about their feelings and what outfit they want to buy at (insert cute clothes store here). So remember, they're humans before men.


Kelley Vitollo said...

I love writing from boy POV. I have a boy POV on submission right now and just finished a collab with a friend where we alternated. She wrote the girl and I wrote the boy. So fun.

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