*Star Wars music plays in background* SCIFI ROCKS!

Most people don't realize how much I love Star Wars. It is my favorite series of movies of all time. Period. I want to name the first boy I have Anakin. I'm a hardcore fan. It's my SciFi muse! But as I was writing(Doppled in Gray) today I realized how star wars and all other sci-fi movies/ tv shows/ books/ etc. effected the world we live in today. Here are some examples:

*Cell Phones
Yep, it's true. The gadget that we(well at least I) use the most today all started with a scifi idea. To be more specific, Star Trek's idea. Martin Cooper, inventor of the cell phone admits that the cellphone that he created was influenced by the communicator on Star Trek. And forty years later we have something even better. Iphones!

*Second Life
Second life, a virtual world developed by Linden labs, has also been fueled from the SciFi nation. Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson was about a virtual-reality on the internet might be. He also is one of the people that made the word "avatar" popular. Philip Rosendale, creator of Second Life said that his creation of Second Life was before the book but it did help fuel his ideas and make them become a reality.

One of my favorite inventions inspired by SciFi is probably the touchscreen. It first appeared in "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" in the form of the guide. It appeared again in Star Trek: The Next Generation. And now it is in the forms of Iphones, Ipads, Ipods, computers and more!

SciFi doesn't always predict the future. I mean, I haven't gotten my complimentary hoverboard from the government yet and I found out that a holodeck would be our apocalyptic end(that's the biggest bummer ever). But keep dreaming SciFi creators and maybe, just maybe, one of your mind babies will become a reality.
May the force be with you while you live long and prosper!


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