I want to edit....

I've recently had a very large urge to edit but I haven't had the time, patience or energy to do it. Its been so frustrating(especially because of my need to get back into the world of Subverse). So I've decided to make a list of the best tips for editing your novel.

#1 Wait for at least a month to start editing.
When I first ended my novel I was so engulfed in the story still that I wanted to get involved in editing right away. But as soon as I started at the first chapter I knew I wasn't going as deep as I should into reading so I could edit well. I still remembered half the lines I had written! So learn from my example and set it aside for awhile, take a break, read a book ;)

#2 NEVER line edit first. You might as well break the first rule if you do.
I personally suggest printing out you story fully and reading it through once. If you absolutely have to(because you think you will die if you don't) you can do a little bit of grammar editing and such but what you want to focus on is plot holes, things you forgot, scenes you want to add/take away, character inconsitencies etc.

#3 Become a temporary grammar Nazi.
Get all the books on proper grammar you can, practice your hardest editing skills. Leave no gramatical error untouched. Be the most ruthless critic of them all.

#4 There's no such thing as a good writer when it comes to novels, just a good re-writer. 
I can guarantee that not all of your novel will be absolutely perfect the first time around. Sometimes(like in my case) very far from it. Whenever you have a scene that you aren't totally feeling re-write it and see if you like the re-written version better. A lot of the times you'll end up combining the best parts :)

#5 Get a Beta
When you feel like you have done everything possible for your novel get another pair of eyes to look at it. New eyes always catch inconsistencies that sometimes the writer doesn't.

Have fun editing :)


K.M. Weiland said...

I've found I work best if I edit as I go. In addition to editing what I wrote the day before, I also stop every fifty pages to edit. The process takes a little extra time along the way, but it does give me a much cleaner first draft. When the manuscript is finished, I'll read through it three times right away, then send it off to my beta readers and forget about it for a couple months.

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