Okay, I've decided to do a weekly inspiration post were I put pictures music or other things that inspired me that week. So here is Inspiration, week 1!

#1: Waiting for the End by Linkin Park.

#2: From DeviantArt

This reminds me so much of Zi, it isn't even funny!
#4: From the movie Tron Legacy.
I'm aware that Loe is a very small character but this picture just fits lol.

#5: Kings and Queens by 30 Second to Mars.

I love how she's levitating! :)

#7: Batmobile from the Dark Knight.
My inspiration for Haran's Beam-R is the batmobile!(except Haran's doesn't have wheels)

#8: Supperclub in San Francisco, California.
I wonder if you can guess what was inspired by this. I mean, beds in a public place? ;) 

#9: Cerberus from Kingdom Hearts video game.
This is coming up in chapter 9. That's all I will say for now.

#10: Alex Pettyfer
The person I would love to play Amber if there was a movie!!!

Doppled in Gray has been so fun to write and inspiration is coming from everywhere! 
To read Doppled in Gray go here!


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