Thinking while studying.

I'm supposed to be studing but I cant stop thinking of my newest WIP, SEEN. I'll post the first two sentences at the bottom of the post, tell me if you think they're gripping enough. Anywaysss... I'm thinking of getting more involved in inkpop again. I have an account but i haven't used it in foreverr and all I have up is poetry. :/
I love wattpad and I have a mibba and an quizzilla but quizzila is fusterating and mibba is confusing. Wattpad is the most welcoming in my opinion. Anyways, I'll probably get back into inkpop and try Mibba again for awhile. What's your favorite writing site?

Here's the first 2 sentences of my WIP:
My history teacher once said that Alvarado street used to be one of the most dangerous streets in Monterey County. Little did he know, when you're invisible, it still is.

God, I'm tired. Please just let me end school already!

Finals is next week so instead of writing I'm going to be studying all weekend. >:(
I'm happy about Doppled in Gray. It's coming along very well and I'm excited to write the next part. Truthfully I've been waiting for it since I started the book. The introducing of Haran. My favorite character in the book :D He's handsome, smart, compassionate and yet to find out all this about him you actually have to get to know him. He's modeled off a friend of mine. :)
Besides that I'm working on Trials and Tribulations('nother story) and the Subverse story AND a totally new one. I really need to set up a schedule and/ or organize my thoughts.
I have a new story that really caught my attention. Will post some of it asap. :)
Until later