This weeks inspiration was really all over the place...

Inception theme: Mind heist
I loved writing to this for fight scenes! So thrilling.

Angel and Demon Pic

I really loves how this picture plays out. Not only did it inspire me for a scene but it kinda reminds me of myself thinking about the book. Be super evil or go easy on them. Your right, evil works. >:)

Romance by Apocalyptica
This song inspired an entire scene. Not only do I love the song but I love all the feeling that the cellos bring to the music. But then, maybe I'm biased. I am a cello player, after all.

This really doesn't have anything to do with the story but I loved the look of it. And the cat is just like WTF?! I suppose the reason that I like it is because it portrays the feeling of being lost. Whether it be withing your personal life or literally being lost in totally new situations we will all feel the confusing feelings one time or another. That's why I think humans are social creatures. We need someone to keep our feet on the ground.

The Last Goodbye by David Cook
I heard this song on the radio while I was driving. The sun was shining, shaded by only the trees and the song really ended up speaking to me. I normally don't like David Cook but this song is awesome.

This picture inspired me for my NaNo novel, SEEN. I'm currently just outlining and thinking up idea for it and when I saw this picture it felt like the hoover dam of my ideas for the novel just let loose. So great.

 I love the embrace here. You can feel how much they need each other.

Hallelujah by Kate Vogele
I love this song, I have since I heard it on Shrek. And I really became attached to this version. Kate Vogele(how she looks) really helped inspired the look for Dia in my novel Dark and Far but I hated just about all of her actual music. It's funny how for the next book that I'm writing I find out her voice is better than I thought.

Yeah, just had to put this in. I'm doing Camp NaNo and I encourage all my other writer peeps to do it to. It helps so much with just getting done with your first daft. NaNo has really helped my typing skills too.

I just love this gun. I know that only one or two of my female characters can actually handle a gun but I want to learn. I have no idea why I want to learn to shoot. I mean, I know that it's super dangerous and hunting isn't really fair to animals but on the other hand, knowing that you could take someone or something down if you were in danger, you would think that it would make you feel more confident. Especially if your a super lanky girl that can't punch, like me.


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