On the Tele

I have obtained a obsession for British tv shows. I don't know what it is about them, they are just more interesting to me than american ones. Well that and all the guys have cute accents :) Anyways, here are my top 3:

#3 Skins:

Skins is an award winning british tv show that is about teens going through the two years in sixth form. It covers just about everything, from eating disorders to metal illness and more. It's pretty racy(which is what ended up killing the american version of the tv show) but I personally like it. It's real, ya know? It's like a way better version of Degrassi in a way.

#2 Being Human:
Being human is a tv show about a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost living together. Crazy, right? Truthfully I like the American version and the UK version (UK version is on the left, US is on the right). They are both funny and make me want to keep watching. But anyone else you ask will probably say the UK version is better. Oh well :/

#1 Misfits

I love this tv show. Oh my goodness I love this tv show. Misfits is about five delinquent teens who get struck by lightning and then get special powers. I heard about it from people on inkpop and so I decided to watch it. I'm addicted. I'm on the second season episode 4 right now and I'm probably going to finish season two tomorrow. E4 has confirmed that there will be a 3rd season witch makes me super happy (as long as I get to watch it on Hulu :D ). The characters are great (Nathan is so funny and I'm in love with Simon!) and it's a show that you just want to keep watching. Part of me doesn't want to finish the second season because I know I'll be dying to watch the third season. So great. I recommend this tv show to everyone. So so so great.


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