On Detirmination

Determination is one of my favorite things. We are all determined to so something at one time or another. Whether it be to become famous( like Marilyn Monroe always wanted) or to scrape up enough money to buy a car and go to college(like me). Determination is what keeps you on your toes.
Right now all I'm determined to do is finish Doppled in Gray. I'm taking steps with that. Right now is finish the first draft. Then edit. Then rewrite. Edit again. Query. From there it gets hazy. If I get an agent, I'll go for traditional publishing. If I get burnt out(which I will after 200+ queries) I'll self publish. I really just want my baby to be read. It doesn't matter how. After Doppled in Gray will come another book that I wrote, and then another. But I'm always going to be determined to keep going.
Who knows, maybe you You have the same goal as me. Maybe you want get published. You want to see your name on a beautiful cover in the bookstore and be able to smile and say, “That was totally worth it.”
Maybe your goal is smaller, maybe you just want to get through the month, the week, the day. It doesn't matter. Life isn't about the outcome it's about how you got there and what pieces you left behind. Maybe it will be huge like JK Rowling's or Oprah's. Maybe it will be tiny. But stay with whatever it is.
Set a goal, make a bucket list. As long as you are determined just trust yourself. You'll get there.


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