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Those of you who read this probably know I am an active member on Wattpad.com, have been for a couple of years. I am on a couple of other writing sites also(Inkpop, AbsoluteWrite forums) but Wattpad has always stuck with me, through thick and thin. Though, it seems there has always been one complaint about the site.All the The most popular stories are cliche and poorly written. Well, that is just not true. There may be stories that are poorly written on the site but there are also some that are pretty amazing. So I've decided that once a week I am doing a Watt's Hot on Wattpad post. There will be my top picks for best written stories. They don't necessarily have to be popular, they just have to be well-written and unique. I'm not going to promote stories that are already published or about to be published. It's all about the undiscovered gems here. So lets get started!

In the near-future, mankind succeeds at curing A.I.D.S. However, something much worse fills the void, changing the world forever...
This story is actually becoming quite popular, which is a surprise for a SciFi story on Wattpad. It is about a man who cures A.I.D.S but a stronger mutated form of it ends up killing all the women on the planet. So scientist have to come up with a substitute. And that substitutes name is Sylvia.  I am usually not attracted to books with male main characters but this is an exception. the author just pulls the reader in without even trying. The story is an excellent read, still in the first few chapters but I'm always excited to read more.

 GODS, a scientific branch of the US Department of Defense, has done it. They have genetically engineered the perfect agents. Better, faster, smarter, and stronger than regular humans, these "Gods" are the best any official could ask for. But when someone takes it too far, can Artemis, the sole member with her sanity intact, survive against members of her own kind?
This story caught me from the moment I read it. The characters are all so life like, each personality is so distinct you cant help but feel sucked into their world. You feel very sympathetic for Artemis throughout the story. It is still in progress but she updates frequently. Awesome story.

When Krystal loses her best friend, Hanna, in a mysterious accident, she doesn't know what to do with herself. Her life takes a drastic turn after she receives a letter from Hanna, implying that there's more to Krystal than she thinks. Krystal meets a new boy, Maddox, who is tied to her in ways she doesn't yet understand. As she starts to look inside herself she discovers a power that has been hiding deep within her and there are others who'd like to use them for their evil bidding. 

This story is one of those stories that catch you from the very beginning. From the first chapter I was hooked. Krystal is one of those characters that you just want to be friends with. In this story everything is just so put together. You just have to love it :)

If you have a story you think should be on next weeks Watt's Hot post you can either comment with the title, user-name and why you think it should be hot or email it to me at SarahWesten@ymail.com 


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heyy, came across ur blog when i looked @ what MACThree was following. ur blog seems pretty fun.
do you have an account on WP? Just curious, wondered if you uploaded anything. I have an account on there, and wanna get into the writing biz...

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