Books I Would Hate/Love to be Movies

With The Hunger Games movie so close and my giddiness coming to a climax I thought it would be good to talk about my nerves about the movie.
I’ve read the Hunger Games, the whole series, and it was brilliant. I was so enthralled with the series that when I first found it would be a movie I was so excited. The bright clothes, Rue’s song, how it was all supposed to me some kind of sick TV show. Unless they pulled a Twilight[by that I mean good actors with a horrible script because Twilight was a horrible book], there was no way it could go wrong.
But not all books are great for the silver screen. Here are some books that that I love to read but I would hate to see.
1. The Night Circus- The only way it would work is if it had a James Cameron style budget. Everything is so elaborate. There’s a lot of settings and the actors would have to be really good(even the child ones). I just don’t see it realistically being a good movie.
2. City of Bones- This wouldn’t work. All the hinting at incest would probably not go into the movie and then would change a lot of the plot. Maybe it would work more as a TV show? I’m not sure. Just no movie.
3. Before I Fall- This should be obvious. All the repittion would get really annoying and tiring in a movie.

Although there’s always the impending threat that the movie won’t live up to its book, there are some books that I would like to see as movies because they could just work.
1. Crank- It would be an interesting movie and a lot of people might not like it, but I think that it would just work. To be able to see how Bree changed and became so different and to what lengths you could take the movie would be interesting.
2. Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight- It would be so cute! Just the perfect love story all wrapped up into one cute movie. I would call it the new “When Harry Met Sally” with pride.
3. Daughter of Smoke and Bone- I just keep thinking of the fight scene in the air and how cool that would look. Might not work as well as it does in my head. But I love it.


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