On Deadlines.

So I would rather do this when I wasn't already posting something because I love to space my posts out but I feel like I must put it out there to make it official. I am going to have Doppled in Gray FINISHED by May31 if it is the last thing I do. I realize how crazy this sounds as I write this once I think about all the school things I have to do but I really don't care. I need to finish this darn thing so I can get to editing. In a perfect world I would have the novel done by the end of next month and then edit April and May but I realize that is not very likely. But I will try? Definitely, 1k a day can't kill me.
I think it's important to set deadlines with your writing because it really focuses you. I really do want to publish this novel but I cant do it if I keep putting it off. I also have another project (I've been planning and outlining for over a year)that I want to do this summer. I love the world that I have created but I really feel that it's getting to be time to move on.
How am I going to accomplish my goal? Schedule. I am a very unorganized person but if I want to get this done I wont be anymore.
I go to the library after school and usually just hang out with my friends. I can make that time productive by actually doing my homework AND writing while I'm there instead of playing around. I wont give up I wont back down. And as soon as this fist draft is done I WILL murder my darlings until its perfect :)


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