This is My Cover Story :)

I read ebooks but covers still are important to me. A cover(along with your blurb) is your book’s first impression on a reader. I remember, when I was younger, walking into my town’s Borders. First, my mom would say, like she did every time we walked in, how she loved the smell of books and paper. She always said how there was nothing like it. Then I would wander away from her, over to the children section in the far left corner, and search for my next good book.

Since I was little, I would always look at the book in this order: Cover, title, blurb. And if one of them didn’t work for me then I would set it down and look for one that better matches my criteria. Now that I have a kindle it has changed a little bit. But I still do love good cover art. Here are some covers that I absolutely love and why.

Stargirl by Jerry Spinnelli

So it’s the first cover and you can already tell that I like simple covers. But what can I say? A simple cover says a lot. I love how the picture of the star and the girl both look hand made. It gives the book a real and authentic look. I love how the girl is imperfect which mirrors the story in a good way.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
Whenever I see this cover I get this feeling of giddy wonder that I had when I first read the book. I love how the border around the title is so elaborate. I love how the circus looks so perfect and toy-like in the pretty gloved hand. This cover goes with the story so well. I couldn’t see anything else do it justice.

A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray

I occasionally will read a historical fiction novel and love it. That happened with this book, but what really drew me in was the cover. The girl looks shy in mysterious at the same time which intrigues me. I especially love the corset and how simple yet elaborate it looks. And the font that goes right over is just seems to match

So what’s your favorite cover?


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